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WordPress Cookie Notice Plugin

You can use WordPress cookie notification plugins that will help you show your website as a notification on your website under the European Union Cookie notification law to review and display notifications on your website.

Before that, let’s briefly explain what is a cookie file and what is the law on the use of the European Union Cookies. We understand why you need to post a cookie usage notice on your website.

What is a Cookie File?

A cookie file is a small application that is required to be stored on your computer or mobile device via a web browser of websites. The task of this application is to follow your navigation and activity information on the site you are visiting.

Why Does the Cookie File Follow Us?

Your movements on the site you are browsing are recorded and it ensures that the data collected about you on the device and web browser you use for the next time are remembered.

What is the European Union Cookie Law?

In the European Union, the Internet Privacy (E-Privacy) Directive (Cookie Law) entered into force in the UK on May 26, 2012, and immediately afterwards, the cookie law was put into effect in other European Union countries to obtain cookie approval. If you are a website owner, you must obtain permission from visitors to your site before placing cookies on your visitors’ devices. It has been prepared for the purpose of protecting privacy on the internet, provided that visitors who visit your website clearly indicate how their information is collected and used on the internet with the cookie file.

Why Is Cookie Notice So Important?

In the European Union, there are penal sanctions on websites that do not take into account the privacy directive on the internet, but you may not encounter any problems if you act in accordance with the cookie law on your website with a cookie notification and a text explaining how information is collected in accordance with the cookie notification law.

How Can I Make Cookie Notification On My Website?

You can provide cookie notifications to your site visitors in two different ways. First; What happens with the consent of your visitor (I read, understood, confirm, ok) is the acceptance that it will not be a problem to collect information about the cookies on your website. Latter; It is to publish a notification that has already been approved and stated that information will be collected during the visit to the site. The visitor does not receive approval, but the fact that he sees this notification and still continues to browse your site and perform transactions means that he has accepted the use of cookies.

WordPress Cookie Notice Plugins

From the WordPress control panel, click the install plugin in the plugins tab and search for the cookie notification plugins I have shared below, from the page where you can add paid or free plugins for wordpress, and after installing and activating the plugin, you can start using it. Installing and using any plug-in you see suitable for you can help you comply with this cookie notification law.

It would be useful to consult someone who has legal knowledge about the cookie law and learn the details. Installing the following cookie notification plugins on your site may not be enough on their own.

Cookie Consent WordPress Cookie Notification Plugin

Its simplicity and popularity is its most important feature because it is designed simply. The simple structure of the plugin does not reduce your website’s opening speed performance. You do not need to make any settings and once you install the plugin on wordpress and activate it, the notification will start to appear. It adds the cookie policy text as a page for your site and assigns a link to this text from your cookie notification bar.

Features of the plugin:
You can choose the behavior of the notification display, whether on time or when the visitor enters the site.

The visitor can easily turn off the notification display with the button or the cross.

With the feature of showing the notification only on the first page, no notification will be shown on the following pages visited by the user.

You can show the notification on three different locations. Above and below your site or with a small notification window.

There is translation support in the plugin.

Ability to organize notification areas with the design tool

Cookie feature for cookie notification

You can also download and install the add-on to your own computer.

Cookie Notice WordPress Cookie Notice Plugin

Cookie Notice WordPress Cookie Notice Plugin
Cookie Notice WordPress cookie notification plugin is a plugin published by dFactory.

Features of the plugin:
Customizing the cookie notification message.

The ability to redirect users to a specific page for cookie information.

Setting cookie expiration.

Link to a different page for more information.

Automatically accept cookies with a swipe gesture.

Option to adjust the scrolling motion.

Option to not accept cookies.

Ability to customize the location of the cookie message box.

Add animation gesture to message box after cookie notification is accepted.

Setting the text and bar background colors.

Compatible with WPML and Polylang.

Built-in .pot file for translation with a different translation plugin.

You can also download and install the add-on to your own computer.

EU Cookie Law WordPress Cookie Notification Plugin

EU Cookie Law allows your website visitors to choose to lock scripts before approving the use of pop-ups and cookies to learn more about your site’s use of cookies.

Features of the plugin:
Ability to edit the cookie notification area.

Click, scroll and browse permission options.

Pop-up support for page setting and cookie notification where you want to show cookie notifications.

Cookie expiration time setting.

Fully responsive design for tablets and smartphones.

Compatible with mobile themes and plugins.

Fully compatible with translation plugins.

Shortcode support to revoke cookie consent.

Support for shortcodes to view the list of cookies.

You can also download and install the add-on to your own computer.

Cookie Bar WordPress Cookie Notification Plugin

With the Cookie Bar plugin, you can set the information text and the game button from the administration panel. The plugin only creates the notification bar displayed at the bottom of your website.

  • Features of the plugin:
    Simple management and editing panel.
  • Ability to use HTML in the cookie notification area.
  • Compatible with mobile design.

You can also download and install the add-on to your own computer.

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