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Which one should I use for e-commerce, Opencart vs WordPress ?

Opencart vs WordPress ?

Thanks to content management systems such as OpenCart and WordPress, the number of e-commerce sites is rapidly increasing and even people who do not have much knowledge can set up e-commerce sites themselves and take their steps into electronic commerce. If we consider comparing OpenCart and WordPress with each other, in fact, both management panels are quite different systems from each other. OpenCart is a content management system that offers e-commerce features to users. In my words, he is a born e-commerce specialist. WordPress, on the other hand, is only a content management system and does not offer any e-commerce site features. However, thanks to WooCommerce, which is one of the most preferred plugins of WordPress, e-commerce site features are provided to sites managed by WordPress. Both content management systems are free.


OpenCart, which started to be used in 2008, is an open source e-commerce management system. The system, which has been used for a long time, offers store content management for small, medium, large and even international businesses. OpenCart’s easy-to-use feature is one of the reasons for preference. The system, which offers a good solution, includes most of the features you may need for an e-commerce site. With OpenCart, it is possible to prepare e-commerce sites and to use all the features that should be found in an e-commerce site. In addition, the theme, additional features and various add-ons can be used easily. With OpenCart, users can use many stores in a single system. Managing multiple stores using a single interface offers great advantages.


According to Opencart, WordPress, which was put into service before, is the world’s most used content management system today. 1 out of every 3 websites that are online uses the WordPress infrastructure. Also; WordPress is not actually an e-commerce platform, but with the WooCommerce plugin, sites prepared with wordpress are converted into an e-commerce site. WooCommerce, which was introduced as an e-commerce infrastructure plugin for WordPress in 2011, can literally transform the WordPress system into an e-commerce site. Open source WooCommerce is also free and has theme or plugin support like WordPress. In order to set up an e-commerce site with WooCommerce, it is necessary to setup a WordPress site first. Therefore, you can manage one store at a time with WooCommerce.

WebSite Design

It makes the necessary arrangements to create the OpenCart e-commerce system during the installation phase and offers sample page designs. Paid and free designs for the site theme can be easily integrated into the system. However, free designs are similar to each other and there aren’t many. A good looking theme can be purchased for around $ 45-70. It is easy to find many themes built in WordPress, such as OpenCart. The popularity of WordPress has led to the release of many free themes. OpenCart and WordPress enable users to set up and manage e-commerce sites by making the shopping site setup stages easy on the internet. Both systems are free and offer a wide variety of options, while WordPress has a bit more ability to customize and stretch the site design to suit your wishes.


The criteria for success of e-commerce sites are to be at the forefront, to look different from other sites and to easily lead the user to the result. OpenCart provides users with important resources for customizing the site with more than 25,000 add-ons and modules. In addition, as your e-commerce business grows, opening different stores on the same system can be considered as an important advantage. In this way, your existing stores can be managed from a single control panel, and they can also be synchronized simultaneously. On the other hand, besides WordPress’s own plugins, there is also a plugin store of WooCommerce. It means more options where users need customization. Thanks to some simple operations, the appearance of the WordPress-powered site can be made more unique.

Store Management

In addition to the general performance statistics of your stores, OpenCart’s management panel provides you with access to all the features required for e-commerce. Unlimited categories and products can be added through the system. It offers digital product sales as well as physical products. Various solutions are offered in payment options thanks to more than 40 payment methods and modules you can add. WordPress’s WooCommerce plugin also has a similar management system. In short, both management systems support all the tools that may be required for management. However, the outstanding feature of OpenCart is that many stores can be managed from a single management panel.

Which One Should You Prefer?

Hosting companies provide automatic setup for both systems with one click. WooCommerce plugin installation is required to convert a WordPress-powered site into an e-commerce site. WordPress is a bit easier to use among users due to its additional features such as simple social media tracking. On the other hand, OpenCart is an important option for department stores or e-commerce sites that aim to grow in the future. Opencart is more professional, we can say WordPress is easier.


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