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Where is blockchain used, what is it good for ?

In Which Fields Is Blockchain Used?

The most important usage area of ​​blockchain technology has been the concept of crypto money and Bitcoin and altcoin. Apart from Bitcoin, many types of cryptocurrencies have emerged.

Apart from cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is thought to be valid in many fields of activity where security is needed and intermediary persons and institutions are involved in order to meet this need. blockchain technology
Although there are still self-proofing and exemplary practices at many points using the system, actively used applications have not been implemented yet.

Blockchain will quickly enter our lives in areas other than digital money, in other words Cryptocurrency. Currently, we see complex and meaningless numbers and elements consisting of numbers in many areas of coding, encryption, identification and verification in our lives.

E.g; ID number, passport number, debit or credit card numbers, even used bank account numbers and our debit card passwords.

If you notice, we used to have difficulties in reading the prescriptions written by the doctors, but now it has become impossible to read those prescriptions. Almost all of us have encountered new generation recipes. Now the prescriptions come to our pockets as both sms and sms. and we cannot read it because it is sent as a password.

We could list many more examples.

Let’s briefly list them under headings. Here are the Blockchain usage areas:

What are the Usage Areas of BlockChain?

  • Payment Transactions
  • Money Transfers
  • Buying/Selling Platforms
  • Exchange Management
  • Authorization, Verification
  • Digital Identity Management
  • Document Management
  • Banking Applications
  • Document Management
  • Energy Distribution
  • Smart Contracts
  • Digital Identity
  • Digital Passport
  • Social Security System
  • Tax System
  • Notary Transactions
  • Power of attorney – power of attorney
  • Health Service
  • prescriptions
  • health reports
  • Copyright transactions
  • Documentation of title deeds and other assets
  • Insurance – motor insurance transactions
  • education system
  • Diplomas and certificates
  • Cargo – mail delivery and tracking


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