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What Should Google Do to Make It First ?

What should be done to rank first in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and DuckDuckGo search engines?

Search engines, especially Google, can never guarantee that your site will come out first. If they cannot give guarantees, SEO experts cannot claim to do such a thing themselves. Excluding Search Ads.

No matter what type of website, effective and efficient sites should be able to go out on the first page of Google and be viewed many times by many more visitors. In particular, the methods of displaying the top rankings in Google and other search engines should be known by the website owners and managers and the website seo studies should be applied accordingly.

We can briefly list the methods of getting out of the top line as follows:

  • Tags called MetaTag (meta tag) and placed between … tags should be used in the coding of websites. Google etc. With these tags, search engines and visitors can be presented with information about the content of the website.
  • To create responsive sites suitable for different screen sizes that mobile visitors can use comfortably from phones and tablets with mobile-compatible fast designs to rise to the top of Google.
  • Visitors can leave the site before the page is opened, so the opening speed of your website should be higher than average. Thus, your website will be accessible to visitors. Users who visit websites from desktop and mobile devices can only get pleasure from content that can be opened quickly. The satisfaction of internet travelers is also an important seo work in order to rank high in Google and other search engines.
  • Whatever service you provide on your website, your content should be simple, understandable and relevant to your site’s purpose. While visitors are making searches according to their interests, they know very well which site to rank in which areas thanks to the algorithms of other major search engines, especially Google. You should organize the content of your site, without overdoing it, with keywords that are relevant and can be searched in this direction.
  • Do your keyword research with care. There are many sites on the internet where you can do keyword research. You can create predictions about the search preferences of visitors who make searches related to your area on the internet by using the keyword tools for paid or free.
  • The shortest of the words; If you take care, search engines will take care to rank your website at the top.

Remember; Even search engines cannot guarantee the first view. You can only get top rankings related to search terms.


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