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What is the importance of SSL certificate for SEO ?

What is HTTPS (SSL)?
HTTPS allows you to surf the internet securely by creating a secure connection between the internet browser and the websites you browse and shop. HTTPS uses encryption technology SSL or TLS to secure these transactions.

What is the effect of SSL on SEO?
HTTPS SSL certificate is a criterion preferred by search engines to protect both the security of the sites and the information of the visitors. Nobody wants the most used search engine like Google to introduce sites that are insecure to us or where our information is not protected. Right here, search engines, especially Google, and browsers want to show websites that offer secure connections.

Google announced this to all website designers and website owners with a statement made in recent years. He stated that he will not rank sites that do not have a https: // connection, that is, those that do not have an SSL certificate, to the top, and that sites with an SSL certificate will also be taken into account when evaluating the ranking.

As a result; If the search engines in question want to show the SSL certificate, namely the https: // secure connection protocol, in their search results, we also need to optimize our site as search engines love.

SSL certificate must be valid for all websites and all pages of these sites. It should be on any blog site, not just bank or government sites where your credentials are used, using e-commerce or credit cards.

What you need to pay attention to for SSL Certificate is that all links on your website turn from http: // protocol to https: //. If there are links on your website that do not become https: //, your visitors may have problems accessing those pages and they will notify your visitors that the connection is not secure in the browser. All you have to do is to get an SSL certificate and make your site and the content of your site comfortable to both your visitors and search engines.

Nevertheless, check the links that do not have an https: // link in the content of your site. The links in the texts may contain links without ssl links. If you have linked outside in the pictures, check them out too. Even if you have SSL certificate installed on your own site, if there are links in the form of http: // in your articles, images and embed codes, they will mark your site as unsafe.


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