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What is the Importance of Keywords for SEO ?

What is the Importance of Keywords for SEO?

Keywords are indispensable for your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. In particular, you should approach the keyword issue with more statistical information. First, start with your existing visitors. What searches are they doing, what information do they want from search engines? You cannot optimize your website in different ways for each visitor. That’s why you have to choose very specific search terms and decide which words to optimize. Keep in mind that frequency, competition and relevance The 3 most important criteria to consider when determining keywords.

When choosing keywords, you can examine the frequent searches of your visitors, the prevalence of searches on the internet in general, that is, the competition status and the percentage of the searches’ relevance to your site, and you can understand which one is suitable for your site’s target audience. Thus, you can carry out your keyword selection on ideas that meet these criteria.

To explain with an example; Let’s assume that the person searching on the internet browses the bedding sets on e-commerce sites. Searching for bed linen is highly competitive. It will be difficult for your site to be listed at the top of search engines in this competitive environment. But if we open this keyword a little, go into detail and bring it to a level of relevance, it will be more relevant to your website and the level of competition will be increased.

To clarify this, too; The fact that you have created keywords with a high level of relevance and competition, such as Ranforce Duvet Cover Set or Cotton Satin Duvet Cover Set for keyword work on your site, will be a much better SEO work than the result you would get when you just search for bedding sets.

Searching for keywords and the preferred words to get the best results are among the most important components of SEO settings. All these preferences are a process that will improve the interaction with your visitors on your site.


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