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What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in order to list the sites that continue their existence on the internet in search engines, the strategic arrangements and actions to be taken in the internal structure of the websites, texts, images, meta tags, inward and outward links, codes in the site design and other sites outside the site.

It includes the stages of making improvements regularly and with a specific strategic plan in order for websites to rank better on the search engine results page (SERP) on the internet. With SEO, you can increase the availability of your website to visitors and present your site to more visitors. What is SEO? How are SEO settings made? What should I pay attention to when making SEO settings? I will try to answer your questions like here.

How Search Engines Work ?

There are some factors that determine the results in the SERP (the list of results in search engines), among the most important are the relevance, authority and customization. Understanding this data and making adjustments to this data will benefit our website. Google and other search engines make these factors important, as they want to show the most relevant and competent results to their search users. Google owes its success to its users with quality results, with exactly the right sites in the results they are looking for. Whichever website offers the best experience, it rewards that website by always showing it in the front row. At this point, if we help website owners to provide quality results to Google, we will receive the award for being shown in the first places. It should be done in order to create attentive, original and quality content, to optimize our website according to search engines, to provide quality content and service to the visitors rather than the effort to please the search engines. Because search engines want to be a more used search engine by showing the best sites to their visitors who prefer to search on the internet.

Among the search engines, especially Google, makes some changes in its algorithms every year. Their purpose is to be able to list more relevant results to their search visitors. They make the necessary improvements and changes to provide a better experience. Sometimes these changes are large and affect most sites. Some changes are minor and may not cause any change in the rankings on the results page.

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