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What is Backlink, How to Do It ?

What is Backlink?

The most important thing in SEO settings works is the backlink, which enables the website to rank first in the results pages of the search engines (google, yandex, duckduckgo and bing). At the same time, google is starting to get indexed frequently.

Backlink, which is one of the most important steps in SEO settings and off-site seo setting, is the link that the website receives from another site. Links to your website from other sites will be provided. It allows the website to appear in the first places in search engines. For this reason, it is considered one of the very useful off-site seo operations for website designers to rank first in search engines.

Search engines make the rankings by looking at many features to bring the website to the first place. Although it is not known how much the search engines care about your number of backlinks and what percentage affects you to rank first in search engines, you can try and see that the more backlinks you get from quality sites, the better results you will get.

How should a backlink be?

Backlinks should be natural in the first place, which means that websites that want to rise to the first pages in search engines should avoid artificial ways such as buying backlinks, using bots, sending pings too often to create backlinks for themselves. The value of backlink links is better than a large number.

How should the backlink work be done?

It is necessary to understand well how getting links from other sites and how backlinks received by search engines affect the search results. If there are links to your site in the articles of the website you receive the link from, search engines assume that the website is relevant to its content and will cause more clicks from different links. After all, there is a redirect to your page or site on that site. Your website links can also be placed in footers or sidebars for further backlinks.

Poor quality links and spam risk

Receiving links from websites or web pages that are not shown in the first place by search engines, resources with low backlink quality, inappropriate and spam sites, can pull your website further. Getting links from sites that are related to the content of your website and have a say in these matters will cause search engines to rank you higher with increasing search traffic over time.

What is dofollow?

When you do nothing, all links are dofollow. For the website, no action is needed to create a dofollow link. Dofollow means follow. As a result, we want your site to be the most followed by search engines. Sometimes it’s better not to do anything.

What is nofollow?

Nofollow is an HTML tag that is used by search engines’ bots that visit your site so that the generated link does not affect its ranking in search results. Thanks to this tag, when a link to websites of unknown quality level is given, its rank in search engines is not decreased. Nofollow means follow.

What is the difference between Dofollow and Nofollow?

The nofollow link feature prevents the search engine bot from following the link. When the nofollow tag is added to the link, that site has no effect on your website. Search engines generally pay attention to this tag. For this reason, it is recommended to use this feature when linking for links that you do not know the source of.


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