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What is Alexa? How to Use Alexa ?

What is Alexa? What Is Not?

Alexa is a data tracking and analysis system that has emerged to meet the demands of online platforms to acquire analytical value and foresight. It is like your assistant where you can analyze what is going on in the internet environment, your traffic, the interaction with your visitors, the surfing behavior of people and how you will manage your targeting accordingly. The feature that distinguishes alexa from other analysis tools is that it can offer you global results. While Google Analytics gives you the analysis of your own property to the finest detail, alexa is a system that reveals the differences between you and other websites. In the simplest example, you can learn and evaluate the situation in which your site is compared to other sites worldwide and in the region. When it comes to Alexa, the first thing that comes to mind is the popularity of the site and its ranking among other sites. The alexa rank shown on Alexa shows the popularity of the sites. This ranking is made by calculating as a result of the analysis of a large number of data.

Benchmarking, analyzing, of course, will help you evaluate the status of your site, the efficiency of your work and the accuracy of the policy you follow. It provides you with information about the performance, efficiency, management and policy you follow regarding the work you do. This system, which evaluates your situation and offers comparison with other sites and competitive analysis, reveals the scorecard of the internet and those who use the internet.

Raising the Alexa rank means successful management, correct strategies and hitting your goals. Well, how do we move up in alexa rankings? Everyone wants their work to be seen as valuable and highly valued. In order to increase the ranking of the Aleza, we need to understand how the ranking is done and how the values ​​that affect the ranking are calculated. Let’s first examine how Alexa calculates the ranking of sites.

How is Alexa Rank Calculated?

The ranking of the websites on Alexa is calculated by processing the data of the site browsers with the alexa plug-ins in the browser feature on the computer or mobile devices.

  • The aggregated data of a large number of website visitors is obtained with different extensions and code snippets in thousands of different applications, most of which we call cookies. This application, extension or cookies have codes in them that send data to Alexa and provide the data to be analyzed.
  • Many websites place Alexa codes embedded directly into the site to better collect and analyze their data and to provide more accurate information, thus allowing Alexa to know exactly how many visitors have visited with finalized information, rather than providing predictive information.

Of course, it is wonderful to see how your own website and your work have impacts, where you are in the world and locally. You can evaluate the situation of your competitors with alexa, which is the most wonderful part. Knowing the Alexa Rank of the competitor website provides a versatile situation assessment with insight and broad perspective on how your competitor is in comparison to you and other competitors.

I cannot say that it provides you with precise and clear information about your competitors, but it only gives some data, but you can create predictions by evaluating the data analysis in other tools like alexa.


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