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What are the types of e commerce ?

Selling on the Internet with Different Methods in E-Commerce

They can be grouped under the following titles according to the parties in the e-commerce sites that trade on the Internet. E-commerce sites can implement several eticart models at the same time.

B2C (Business to customer)

The most well-known e-commerce method in e-commerce activities on the Internet is the B2C (Business to customer) system.

The B2C e-commerce system is mostly realized with internet marketplaces and virtual stores that sell directly to the end user on the internet. Retail on the Internet is the expression that can be used instead of B2C. In the B2C system, customers order products from a business’s e-commerce site or from marketplaces or virtual stores where the company sells its products and other businesses’ products are also offered for sale. On such sites, customers send their credit card information electronically to the website for payment. The payment transaction of the sold product is done easily with advanced payment infrastructures, which are very secure and privacy systems, which allow you to complete the transaction from credit card via the internet, called virtual pos. The virtual pos system is a form of POS devices adjusted to the Internet. Since the virtual pos system is a system that is traded through banks, the e-commerce site had to sign an e-commerce contract with the bank that provides the virtual pos service for these payments. Instead, brokerage houses provide payment services for e-commerce and you do not need to make agreements with individual banks. Optionally, payment by EFT or money order and payment systems at the door are also available.

B2C Shopping system; It has the convenience of receiving orders and selling products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has many advantages such as direct access to the internet customer without intermediaries, the opportunity to follow and analyze customer requests, demands and complaints thanks to the feedback system and interactive applications in the site software, to open up to the world and to compete. Minimizing the personnel, time, shop rent and vehicle costs required for marketing activities, Elimination of the obligations such as time and space in terms of customers in terms of shopping. In addition, it has the advantages of completing the shopping process in a short time.

Generally speaking, success in the B2C market leads to easier cash recycling. All statistics of every product sold and customers help you to follow the correct and profitable path.

B2B (Business to Business)

The meaning of B2B’s e-commerce site is that companies sell goods and services to each other over the internet. However, the function of B2B sites is not limited to this. It also makes it possible for companies to exchange information and carry out financial transactions between each other. Since all these transactions take place over the internet, they work faster and more efficiently.

Although the B2B market appeals to a narrower segment, it has a more efficient, comprehensive and technical structure compared to B2C in terms of both the transaction load between the companies doing business and the specific operability. B2B is a concept that represents more of an inter-sectoral network. B2B model is also a preferred method in the dealership system. It offers businesses important advantages such as expanding the dealer network and providing more effective service to more dealers. Another function of B2B sites is to shorten the online commerce process. With millions of companies on the Internet, searching and finding the best companies to trade is like digging wells with a needle.

B2B sites come into play at this point and bring buyers and sellers together. Since B2B sites allow you to carry out all transactions electronically in the trading process, they reduce your costs to an extent that you cannot ignore. The main way to reduce costs through B2B sites is to use electronic marketplaces to supply products or services. The procurement of the product or service, seeing all the options, examining the companies offering the lowest price, leads to a surprising reduction in the costs of your supply chain.

C2B (Consumer to Business)

In consumer-to-business e-commerce, which is the opposite of the company-to-consumer e-commerce model, consumers sell their goods to companies. This model works differently from the traditional trade method companies offering products to consumers. It is possible to find this model mostly in personal blogs or internet forums.

C2C (Consumer to Consumer)

In C2C, which means consumer-to-consumer e-commerce model in Turkish, consumers can make purchases and sales over the internet with a third party tool. The third party usually gets a certain commission on the products sold. This site

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