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What Are the Pros and Cons of Alexa Ranking ?

How Does Alexa Rank Affect Site Value? What Are the Pros and Cons of Alexa?

Alexa ranking data may not provide detailed information about your site or your competitor sites. The data it can track and collect on the Internet can cover a little of approximately 3%. Alexa data will only be useful for you if you examine, compare and analyze data comprehensively and with other tools. Let’s do a few reviews about Alexa Traffic Rank advantages and disadvantages and let us extract more useful data.

Alexa Benefits

  • You can understand the scalable popularity of your site with changing data about the performance of your SEO work. You can consider global and regional values ​​before and after your SEO work.
  • If you are making money by running ads on your site, you can show your advertisers a high Alexa rank as a scale for advertising pricing.
  • By looking at the traffic values ​​of your competitors’ websites, you can quickly calculate the difference between you and your closest competitor, or rather compare.
  • You can attract quality writers to your site who want their articles to be published on sites with higher traffic value.


  • Subdomains (subdomains) and subfolders (subfolders) are considered to be linked to the main domain. There may be some inaccuracies and loss of value in the data.
  • The data obtained is limited to browser visitors who have alexa toolbar installed. While it should have high traffic value, it is quite possible to rank with low traffic value. It would be great if you could get your visitors to meet the alexa toolbar on their next visit so that they add value to your site as much as possible.
  • Alexa rank is open to manipulation with misleading transactions. You should consider your rankings only as an informative piece of information, not strictly.

What Do You Need to Know About Alexa Rank?

A lot can be said about Alexa’s sorting methods. Which information is correct and which is an exaggeration, because we are not fully involved in the fine details, we understand it a bit hard. But there are basic ranking factors. Like the following.

  • Returning visitors: Alexa is your second or more visitor to your site as an important factor. If your site is viewed by the same IP addresses, the return of your visitors is processed as an important traffic value. It means that your site becomes more popular among internet users.
  • Time spent on the site: The length or shortness of the time spent on the site is one of the important factors that should be evaluated on behalf of Alexa. The longer the visitors of the site stay on the site, the better the content of your site for Alexa.
  • Views per Page: The lower the rate of visitors leaving the site immediately, the more valuable your site is in the eyes of Alexa in terms of quality. It determines this value by examining the crawls to other pages of your site. If you can encourage your visitor to browse your other pages. Your site will have a high traffic value. It may be helpful for you to give internal links to your other pages in your articles.
  • Number of unique visitors: We know that your traffic value is based on the last 3 months and it has been quite a long time. If the rate of visits made only once during this period is high, your traffic value may decrease. Because spam visits often leave a unique visitor footprint. In other words, fake entries do not show the feature of repeated entries and their duration is very short. It will have a slight impact on determining the value of your site traffic. Do not choose automatic hit programs as it will have a negative effect.
  • Bookmarking: Your links shared by your visitors on bookmarking sites are calculated by Alexa as a factor in rating them as valuable data. Natural bookmarks will greatly increase the contribution of your site to your alexa traffic value.

In the conclusion, consider Alexa as 3 more or less 5 up data that you can only get an idea about. It is a good tool for you to get predictions in the middle. It contributes to a good analysis process with other tools. But it will not give an exact seo value.


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