opencart degistirdigim kodlar sitede degismiyor

The codes I changed in Opencart 3 x do not change on the site.

If you have made changes in the codes on your site with opencart 3 and you cannot see these changes on your site, a few different methods you need to do will help you solve this problem. I strongly recommend that you make a backup before applying the solutions.

First method;
The place where the most changes are made in the codes is the .css file. After changing the codes in the stylesheet.css file, if you cannot see any changes in your new settings, the simplest method you should do is Ctrl + f5, which will change the old image of the page in the cache and reload it as you set it, and your changes will appear.

Second method;
If Ctrl + f5 page refresh process you performed in Opencart 3 does not change the situation; Log in to the Opencart admin panel, in the welcome screen, in the upper right corner of the first screen that you see, there is a blue square button inside, there is a gear (wheel) icon. When you click this button, the developer settings window will open. There are two widgets in the developer settings, Theme and SASS. If you click the refresh buttons on the right side of these components, the cache on your site will be cleared. When you open your site again, you can see the changes you have made. Of course, by the way, it is useful to do Ctrl + f5 once more.

Third method;
If you say that these two methods did not work. If you say I tampered with a few code in modules in plugins. Click on add-ons from the navigation menu to the left of the control panel, enter the Modifications tab under it. Again, there are 3 buttons on the upper right side of the opened page. Before them, press the orange eraser and then press the blue button refresh, probably now the codes and the changes you made will have changed on your site. Don’t forget to refresh your site again.

The fourth method;
If you keep saying that there has been no change yet. (What codes and how you changed now. I hope you have made a backup.) This time, log in from cpanel from the login panel of your hosting company, enter public_html from the file manager, then open the cache folder in the stroge folder in the system folder and delete all of the contents. By the way, delete the contents of the modification folder in the stroge folder. You can now refresh your Site and see your changes.

The ways you will follow here are as follows;
Delete the contents of public_html / system / storage… / cache.

Delete the contents of public_html / system / storage… / modification.


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