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How to Sell with Crypto Money on the Opencart E-commerce Site?

Sell ​​with Crypto Money on your e-commerce site with CoinPayments and OpenCart.

The COVID-19 outbreak caused more use of both e-commerce and cryptocurrencies in daily use. It gave the green light to online payment and e-commerce collaboration, prompting a global rethink of payment methods and e-commerce.

Especially e-commerce businesses are aware that accepting payments with cryptocurrencies means reaching a market with a high amount of monetary value.

Recent research reveals that the benefits of cryptocurrencies and payments apply to both sellers and customers. On the one hand, crypto payments help e-commerce sites to gain new customers, while eliminating the risk of fraudulent chargebacks. For shoppers, the use of cryptocurrencies has proven to be a less expensive, faster and safer payment method than credit cards.

At CoinPayments, this new cryptocurrency has addressed the rapid growth of use and developed a cryptocurrency payment system for opencart.

CoinPayments is the world’s leading crypto payment system, currently active in more than 180 countries and processing over 130 million dollars of crypto payments each month for more than 62,000 active e-commerce sites.

That’s why we’re joining forces with OpenCart, an open source e-commerce platform serving more than 350,000 businesses around the world, to help more merchants take advantage of cryptocurrency solutions.

Through co-marketing efforts, we aim to make every seller’s transition to crypto as smooth as possible, equipping them with the information and hassle-free tools they need to start accepting crypto payments using the prebuilt OpenCart plugin.

Because we know that as the use of crypto continues to increase, the opportunities for traders to scale their business will increase.

We will work together to continuously provide merchants with unique ways to market their business to the crypto community, helping to increase sales and improve bottom lines.

And with 0.5% industry low payment processing fees, CoinPayments’ promise is to make crypto payments instantly, globally and securely accessible to all traders.

If you want to sell with crypto money, you can download the OpenCart extension here.


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