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How to Install Opencart Vqmod ?

What is Opencart Vqmod (virtual quick Mod)?

As we can understand from vqmod, it means virtual quick module settings. A system that allows plugins to be added and activated quickly to OpenCart. In an .xml file, the opencart module tells you which files and where the codes will be added, and the codes of your module are placed where they should be.

Its shorter narrative could be as follows;

We can say that vqmod system is the virtual configurator that adds the codes of your module to their places in the opencart.

Opencart vqmod installation and usage

If you have not pre-installed on your opencart system, your plugin (module) with vqmod feature will not work on your site, you must install vqmod itself on your opencart system before installing the module. Whether vqmod exists on your system or not, if there are files and folders in the vqmod / vqcache folder in the publi_html root directory, it means that vqmod is installed in the opencart system.

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If these folders do not exist on your system, you must install them.

How to Install Vqmod?

1- Download the vqmod .zip file from here; DOWNLOAD

2- Upload the vqmod folder in the .zip file to the public_html root directory. If you have also installed the opencart system in a directory, load it into public_html / your _directory.

3- Type in the address bar from the browser and start the installation with enter.

4- Then “VQMOD HAS BEEN INSTALLED ON YOUR SYSTEM!” If you see the message, vqmod installation is complete.

How to use Vqmod? How to install Vqmod modules?

After the installation of vqmod, install the files of your plugin as described in the files such as readme.txt, which explains how to install the modules or extensions to be installed as vqmod. Not all plugins use folders or files in the same way, you should also change the path of your theme according to your theme in the .xml file in your vqmod plugin.

After doing these procedures, vqmod plugin / module installation is complete. Now the module / plugin is ready to use.


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