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How to Do SEO Work for Beginners?

A Step-by-Step SEO Guide for Beginners

  • The first thing you need to pay attention to in the design of your website is that it is written in a simple but functional way that does not contain many in-site applications, with page layout, color matching, coding, and publishing as a flexible and fast design on mobile and desktop devices. Then you can move on to other topics.
  • Publish unique topics on your website without duplicating, piecemeal, and creating the same posts on two separate pages. Try to write frequently and in accordance with the spelling rules.
  • By creating comments and communication areas for your visitors on your website, get their opinions, carefully evaluate the proposal and improve your website according to their requests and recommendations.
  • Make sure that your page is expressive and understandable in the website link structure without exaggeration.
  • Avoid creating nested directories that stretch out in the link structure of your website. For example ; notify-modulu/ is extremely short and descriptive. There is no other directory or directory item in between it and the domain. It should not be like this; You can say that notify-modul/ may be perceived as a keyword, but it is not useful as well as which ones are more valuable to the domain.
  • Create sitemap and robots.txt file for your site. You can create the sitemap as xml, txt, and RSS or Atom feeds.
  • Link your website to Google Search Console and add your sitemap files.
  • Visualize your texts with relevant pictures. Using the pictures you use on your website, especially on e-commerce sites, in their actual size and at least in file size. Be careful not to spoil the image quality, even for the small size.

  • Include your desired keyword in the first paragraph of the articles.
  • In your articles, give links to other articles or other parts of your site over keywords.
  • Direct your visitors to your website by opening social media accounts of your website, increasing the number of followers and friends. Not only follow on social media, but also make stimulating posts for them to visit your site.
  • Publish videos relevant to your website. Produce the videos yourself as much as possible or have them done by those who do this job, and publish them on video sites with the titles or explanations in your site’s domain.
  • Share your new content or products on your web site with attractive headlines from your social media accounts.
  • Create special services for your website content or business, publish as sub-domains and provide links from your main domain site to the sub-domain site. Provide links to your other sub-domains from the keywords in your content above, as if you link to other pages on the site.


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