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How to Determine the Target Audience for SEM ?

While preparing the SEM search engine marketing plan, let’s complete the structuring of the advertising campaign by determining your target audience after analyzing the keywords.

After the keywords, long-tail keywords and negative keywords you have set, the characteristics of the people (age, gender, location, which devices) your symbol will be shown on should be determined.

Your advertising campaign should not be shown to anyone who is relevant, irrelevant. To show it to everyone, you need to allocate a serious budget. Even if you have such a large budget, the return of the ads shown may not provide you with your targeted gain. You should do a detailed target audience determination study that has been researched in accordance with your sem plan and you should set the balance between budget and recycling well.

Steps of Determining the Target Audience

  • Geolocation: It is a parameter that aims to target people who are in a certain settlement area and search for your keywords. Since you do not show your Sem (search engine marketing) planning to people outside of the locations you have determined, you determine the area of ​​your target audience and the people who can reach you.
  • Specifying Time Zones: Allows you to set on which days, at what time of day your ad is shown.
  • Demographic Target Determination: Search engines are customization that can be classified according to the age, gender, educational status, interests or other obtainable personal information of internet users. Thus, you make your target audience more accurate.
  • Determining the Device Used: It provides one more level of filtering to your audience by targeting devices such as mobile, desktop, tablet.


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