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How to Determine a Keyword for SEM ?

How to Choose SEM Keyword?

Let’s examine different keyword types to determine the right keywords for search engine marketing (SEM) planning for your e-commerce site or business. Choosing the keywords you will target to be in the forefront by using your budget in a balanced way by recognizing the types of keywords to make SEM work will enable you to follow a more effective way.

We should recognize 4 keyword types that you will consider in your SEM advertising work. Let’s divide the keywords into those that are appropriate for our purpose and those that diverge them from our purpose. The keywords we allocate in accordance with our goals will improve the budget-target balance and save us from unnecessary expenditures.

1 – Capacitive keywords:

Let’s say you choose decorative pillow word as a keyword you target. We need to foresee how internet users can search with which searches they make different from “decorative pillow” searches and add various search words to your advertising plan within the scope of this prediction. When creating your plan, you should consider a number of possibilities:

In the culture of people searching on the Internet, this product may have been named by another name.
For example, could it be called Cushion? Corner pillow?

The person doing the search can shorten the name of the product.
The searcher may misspell the name of the product he is looking for.

For example: such as a decorative pillow or a cream

The person doing the search can use the synonym of the product name.
The user may be waiting to see your product by searching for a different product name.

I do not know if it will fit our example exactly, but it can search in the form of a seat pillow.

For example, for the word “decorative pillow”, add various search terms such as ‘decoration pillow’, ‘throw pillow’, ‘corner pillow’, ‘decorative pillow’ to your SEM plan as keyword strategy. Thus, you will have prepared a comprehensive advertisement in accordance with your plan.

2 – Group keywords that the keyword is in:
Long-tail keywords
Long tail keywords are phrases consisting of 3-4 words that contain focus keywords. Rather than addressing the keyword in a simple form, it aims at queries with possible auxiliary words that include the keyword. The likelihood of being competitive increases sem conversion rates in these keyword phrases.

Let’s continue with our example here and give a few examples.

If you can turn the keywords into long-tail keywords with possible words such as embroidered decorative pillows, embroidered throw pillow models, the most suitable pillow prices.

3 – Different expressions of keywords with full meaning:

Diversifying it with adjectives that define the same or the product with the real keyword and its defining features will provide more focused targeting to your SEM planning.

For example, “bath towel”, “face towel”, “bamboo towel” to be displayed in searches for the word towel; You can add keywords such as “cotton towels” to your SEM plan. Keyword singular, plural, ownership suffix etc. Adding varieties to your plan will positively affect your search engine marketing process.

4 – Negative keywords:
We have planned which type of words we will add to your SEM keyword preference. Now, what keywords should we keep away from our planned marketing ad? For the planned and wise use of your budget, internet users who search should not direct their searches that do not fit your purpose to your ads.

For example, if the product you are selling is a professional kitchen oven, your advertisement should not reach internet users looking for a home type kitchen oven so that your advertisement does not unnecessarily shake your budget.

Let me give a different example: If you are selling live flowers, it will not work for you to appear in calls such as “plastic flower”, “imitation flowers”, “artificial flower”. By defining these words as negative keywords to keep such searchers separate from your ads, you make budget-friendly sem planning.


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