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How to Add an Out of Stock or Out of Stock Label ?

Out of stock or out of stock label If the stock status of the product you sell on your Opencart e-commerce site is 0, the opencart product image is out of stock, out of stock, or whatever you want it to write, it adds that text to your product image as a tag. It works smoothly with out of stock label opencart 2.x and opencart 3.x, which you can adapt to your site with plugin settings. But you need to clear cache and modifications. Here you can see what you will do in order to see the new changes made in Opencart. If you say it has not happened, do not undo anything and do not change it and see it again the next day.

Here you can download the opencart out of stock tag module. Do not forget to take your opencart system backup and database backup before installation. Don’t forget to clear the cache and modifications after setting up the module and setting it up.

To install, install the file you downloaded from the admin panel in the add-ons> upload attachment section. When the installation is complete, you will see it in Modules from the Add-ons section. You can adjust your settings.

Note: The out of stock status should be shown as out of stock in the data section of your products.

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