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How Do I Delete Opencart Trial Orders ?

After setting up your Opencart shopping site, you have definitely made test order trials with your products. As a result of each order test you have made, your trial orders must have accumulated in the opencart control panel. In Opencart, you can smoothly take care of what needs to be done to delete and reset order, sales and customer information by following the procedures below. Let’s explain the procedures now.

1- Open phpmyadmin from the cpanel management panel of your hosting company.
2- Select the database (database) you use on your site.
3- Click the SQL tab at the top.
4- Copy and paste the following lines of code into the opened page to the SQL tab.

TRUNCATE TABLE oc_order_history;
TRUNCATE TABLE oc_order_option;
TRUNCATE TABLE oc_order_product;
TRUNCATE TABLE oc_order_total;
TRUNCATE TABLE oc_customer_activity;

5- After pasting these codes above, click on the Go button. Confirm the question you encounter by saying yes.
Thus, the values ​​of all order (order) tables in our database (database) will be reset.
Now, when you order from your opencart e-commerce shopping site, the order number will start from 1.


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