How can I track the hits of rival sites

How Can I Track the Traffic of Competitors ?

Get Close Monitoring of Competitor Sites.

Learning about your website traffic is hugely important in your SEO work. Tracking your website traffic gives you insight into whether the effort you spend on the internet is working. There are a few tools you can easily learn about website traffic. You can easily find out the status of your website using these tools. You can find out its status on any analyzed website. Thus, you will have the opportunity to compare both your own website and the sites of your competitors. The website traffic estimators you will use will neither have clear information about you nor of other sites. These traffic estimating sites, which make their analysis according to certain criteria, can give approximate values ​​of websites around the world. Yet it is much better than nothing. The best way to increase site analysis accuracy is to create an average value using a few traffic tracking tools. I’d like to share with you a few Traffic tracking tools that I think are the best in their field on the Internet. Evaluate the positions of both your own site and your competitors’ sites on the internet.






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