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Choosing a Theme for a WordPress E-commerce Site ?

WordPress E-commerce Theme Selection

Deciding on a WordPress e-commerce theme suitable for your e-commerce needs is one of the tough parts of the job. In fact, when deciding what an e-commerce theme should be, it can be quite confusing to determine the right features for your e-commerce store. Therefore, it is useful to review the following items before making your choice of WordPress e-commerce theme.

1.Easy to navigate in website navigation
The ease of navigation on your e-commerce site helps you provide a quality website experience. As a result of a study by Gerry McGovern, it was found that 70% of the visitors to the sites used navigation instead of searching for something on the website. Your website will become more reliable for visitors who know where it is while browsing through the pages without losing their way.

In your choice of WordPress e-commerce theme, make sure the navigation from your website home page to the checkout page is not complicated, and aim to follow the 3 click rule (where your visitors can easily find the desired information for the products they are looking for – shop in three clicks).

  1. Get the loading time fast.
    60% of customers leave your website when they have to wait more than 3 seconds for the website to load. For this reason, page loading speed is a very important factor when it comes to SEO as it has an impact on a good user experience. Before you decide to implement any theme on your site, run the demo website of your chosen theme with the help of PageSpeed ​​Insights and check its speed.

Other useful tools you can use to diagnose page opening speed are Pingdom Tools and GTmetrix.

  1. Keep website security tight.
    Remember that when you own an e-commerce store, you are responsible for protecting sensitive information such as credit card information and personal information, delivery addresses, etc.

Although many of the security features of WordPress are related to your web hosting, purchasing a strong SSL certificate and installing various security plugins on the wordpress infrastructure will increase your e-commerce site security.

  1. Responsive Mobile responsive design
    Websites are displayed in different screen resolutions and browsers on different devices, whatever the ideal theme is, it should display and work well. Although many WordPress themes now have mobile-friendly designs, it’s a good idea to check the theme’s demo page on your phone and tablet to see if there are any glaring issues.

To see how the site looks in different screen resolutions;
You can use the tool that allows you to see the responsive feature of the page in different widths when you right click on your site in your Google Chrome browser and click the review option. Make sure that the tablet and mobile view button are blue when you are on the review screen.

google chrome responsive tool
5.Clean coded theme
In order to minimize SEO problems, it is important that the theme you prefer is designed according to the latest coding standards. Overwritten code, in particular, can slow down site indexing in search engines, while also affecting the visitor experience. You can use the W3C Markup Validator to check a theme demo for possible markup errors.

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